duNOW for Sports & Recreation

Academies, Tournament Organisers, Sporting Venues, Personal Trainers

Focus more on doing what you want to do.

Take your business closer to your customer. Be accessible in an instant. Deliver impactful and personalized experiences that your customers want and value. Differentiate yourself from the rest.

Accept Tournament Entries

Manage tournament categories with ease. Schedule submission dates. Embed tournament entry form in receipts to gather additional information. Set early-bird/regular prices using our sunrise/sunset feature.

Have your own help desk up and running in no time to offer support to your customers. Never miss out on a entry. Stay up and running 24/7 to make your event a success.

A small change to simplify your operations and increase productivity.

Collect Payments With Ease

Our software comes integrated with remarkable payments engine. You can send invoices within the country or globally. We deliver them either in phone or via email or via SMS so that you get paid faster.

Customise payment receipts, accept spot payments without a card-swiping machine. Reminders go out as "Pay by date" approaches.

For little over the cost of a card-swiping machine now you can do a lot more.

Differentiate Customer Engagement

The hardest thing for competitors to copy is the customer experience you create. That's why we put in a feature for your customers to have an open direct line of communication with you.

Customers can enquire about your venue, leave feedback, raise issues through their digital receipt. Acknowledge feedback and issues raised in no time before it goes social.

Now you can see how things are going at your business — no matter where you are.

Powerful Business Messaging

Good communication is essential for a business to succeed. So we created a new tool that lets you communicate directly with your customers and key personnel.

Send messages using our broadcast feature to all your customers and key personnel or to a select few. Take the further conversations one-on-one.

We deliver the messages as in-app notification and remains as part of your conversation with them.


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Basic Plan

No Daily Fee

Transaction Charges: 2.50% + taxes

List upto 2 active products/service

Microsite with your logo

Permanent payment link


Premium Plan

Daily Fee
Between INR 20/day to INR 35/day

Transaction Charges
Between 2.10% & 2.25% + taxes

Unlimited listings of products/service

Microsite with your logo

Permanent payment link

PLUS all other product features

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