duNOW for Fleet Operators

Passenger & Commercial Vehicles

Accepting, depositing or settling trip payments is now easy.

You don't need a card swiping machine or an e-wallet account for every vehicle that you run — Put them to shame. You can do a lot more than you can imagine. No cash out commissions. Keep driving. Focus on road.

Collecting And Settling Payments

Collect advance payments for trips. Accept payments upon completion of trip. All proceeds can go to either to your bank account or can be split with your driver at a certain percentage that you decide.

Improve the tipping experience for your customers and drivers alike. Your customers can tip on in-app payments. Customise payment receipts with your logo and text.

Simplify your operations. Do more rides.

Differentiate Customer Engagement

The hardest thing for competitors to copy is the customer experience you create. That's why we put in a feature for your customers to have an open direct line of communication with you.

Customers can leave feedback and raise issues through their digital receipt. Acknowledge feedback and issues raised in no time before it makes it to social media.

Now you can see how things are going at your fleet — no matter where you are.

Best Of Both Worlds

We took the best of chat and traditional conversation to create a new communication tool. You don't have to be glued checking messages all the time. You will know when it arrives.

As you foster a business relationship you get an opportunity to make sure the message is in the right tone. You can talk about things more at length, a bit more formal.

Talk/converse during business hours, leave messages during non-business hours.

Manage Fleet Personnel

Add/remove drivers with ease. Link driver to a vehicle number plate. With Offline Aadhaar authentication — Establish authenticity of your driver to your clients for that extra peace of mind.

Search with ease. Pick and choose from built-in criteria to narrow down your search — helps in maintaining a clean list of drivers.

Business runs smoother and your clients are more satisfied.


Download the app to complete the basic registration and click on "Open a business account" for a new beginning.

Premium Plan

Daily Fee
Between INR 20/day to INR 35/day

Transaction Charges
Between 2.10% & 2.25% + taxes

Microsite with your logo

Permanent payment link

Manage Fleet

PLUS all other product features

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